Last weekend, a family swimming in the Gulf at Panama Beach, Florida, were caught in a riptide and then rescued by a human chain formed by their fellow beachgoers.human-chain-rescue-4_1499777196757_3759693_ver1-0_640_360-702x336

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to see this as a really great metaphor to describe Saving the Superhero, as I conceive of it.

Sometimes we stretch ourselves too far, with the “shoulds” and “oughts” that we carry around with us, surpassing our individual “super powers.” Sometimes we need our friends and allies in our lives to help us find our way back to shore, supplementing our powers with theirs to form something greater than one alone. In these crisis times, they can be our North star and guide us back home. Sometimes the journey home is a long one, and new friends and allies must be found along the way, maybe sloughing off our expectations for specific friends who are no longer on our same path or journey.

Sometimes we – the superhero – need saving, too.





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